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Most Emailed Photos - PSEUDONYM DAY 2 - 03/21/2004 by Rolie Polie Olie
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Mort was thrilled when the Bush election team adopted his "caption" idea.

"We'll pay you lots of money" they said. "Trust us. We're the Bush team".

Mort's ego swelled to gigantic dimensions.

Like this strawberry.

Shit! I have completely forgotten where I was going with all this...


The challenge was to take the top 3 most emailed photos on yahoo and create a hopefully amusing story about the sequence. I reserve the right to refuse a disturbing picture, this includes any pictures of celine dion.

Please feel free to add alternative captions if you can or comments if you can't.

All rights to the photos belong to the companies in brackets beneath them. All text, concepts and layout is copyright Mort 2003-2007.


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Mr. NonameLurker16:02:35Caption #2
Mr. NonameLurker16:02:33Caption #1
Mr. NonameLurker16:02:29Caption #6
Mr. NonameLurker16:02:28Caption #41
Mr. NonameLurker16:02:26Caption #39
Mr. NonameLurker16:02:23Caption #38
Mr. NonameLurker16:02:19Caption #3
Mr. NonameLurker16:02:17Caption #20
Mr. NonameLurker16:02:16Caption #2
Mr. NonameLurker16:02:11Caption #19

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<guyPaulo> Hah hah! I'll guess 3Suns here. This could lead to "Political Advertisement caption" day.
<ajiav> It was such a good start, though!

Plus, it supports the whole captioning ---> global conquest theory.

<Mort> Bush keeps on sending me wonderful photographs of him and Laura, alone with a letter thanking me for all I have done.

Rather odd. Nice caption Guy.

<mypalmike> Nice one!

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