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Most Emailed Photos - 01/11/2004 by 3Suns
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Dad says that if I keep eating enough hay and fruit, I'll grow up into a big oliphaunt, just like in that Ring movie.

Dad says that if I keep eating my kibble, I'll grow into a big dog, just like him!

father.say() {
if(me.eat(MORE_RAM)) {


The challenge was to take the top 3 most emailed photos on yahoo and create a hopefully amusing story about the sequence. I reserve the right to refuse a disturbing picture, this includes any pictures of celine dion.

Please feel free to add alternative captions if you can or comments if you can't.

All rights to the photos belong to the companies in brackets beneath them. All text, concepts and layout is copyright Mort 2003-2007.


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<yoyology> Hehehe
<ElvisThePelvis> That rocks!
<mypalmike> Nice! Now, is that C++ or Java?
<3Suns> It's a magical language that allows meaningless declarative (non-imperative) statements. And has no syntax errors, ever.
<guyPaulo> That's weird, it validates as XML....;)
<Lauren> Wow, this one is brilliantly perfect! I am in awe...
<No one in particular> You guys gotta be kidding me!?! Is there anyone willing to make an honest review besides myself. Thats just not very good.
<guyPaulo> Its good in a techie kind of way.
<yoyology> "Not good to me" does not equal "Not good".
<Axolotl> Computar jokes are teh funney!11!1
<guyPaulo> 010 01011 1011 1 0110 01001 01010 111 00
0111 1010 010001 101010100 1001 001 10
(binary comment)
<ElvisThePelvis> Damnit, where is the translate Computer To English link up top. I can't read that last caption!!
<yoyology> ...www.thinkgeek.com...
(binary clock. Got one of these for Christmas)
<yoyology> Hey, Elvis:
Try translating this: 011001110111010101111001010100000110000101110101011011000110111100100000011010010111001100100000011101000110100001100101001000000110001101101111011011110110110001100101011100110111010000100000011001110110010101100101011010110010000001001001001000000110101101101110011011110111011100100001
<ElvisThePelvis> Look here yoyo:


And I really mean it!

BTW, you are the linkmaster.

<ElvisThePelvis> 0100010001100001011011010110111000100000010010010010000001100010011100100110111101101011011001010010000001101001011101000010000001110100011011110110111100100001
<guyPaulo> Uhh, Mort? I think yoyo and Elvis broke the internet again.
<Mort> DAMMIT! I leave for lunch and you kids go and make the place all dirty.
<ElvisThePelvis> he started it
<Mort> I feel bad for 3Suns. No one will view his amazing caption because you have to scroll miles to the right to read it.
<mypalmike> I guess someone's got some work to do.

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