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Most Emailed Photos - 05/24/2004 by penis
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The challenge was to take the top 3 most emailed photos on yahoo and create a hopefully amusing story about the sequence. I reserve the right to refuse a disturbing picture, this includes any pictures of celine dion.

Please feel free to add alternative captions if you can or comments if you can't.

All rights to the photos belong to the companies in brackets beneath them. All text, concepts and layout is copyright Mort 2003-2007.


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Mr. NonameLurker19:25:25Scrawled on the board
apple juice is a verbCaption Monkie18:02:57Alternatiphized #23
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Mr. NonameLurker19:51:09Caption #4
Mr. NonameLurker19:50:54Caption #9
Mr. NonameLurker19:50:36Caption #7
Mr. NonameLurker19:50:19Caption #6
Mr. NonameLurker19:50:00Caption #24
Mr. NonameLurker19:49:56Main Page
Mr. NonameLurker19:49:44Main Page
Mr. NonameLurker19:49:29Caption #2
Mr. NonameLurker19:49:27Caption #19
Mr. NonameLurker19:49:13Caption #10
Mr. NonameLurker19:48:55Caption #18
Mr. NonameLurker19:48:39Caption #1
Mr. NonameLurker19:48:23Caption #1
Mr. NonameLurker19:48:20Caption #0
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Mr. NonameLurker19:47:45Caption #8
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Mr. NonameLurker19:47:40Caption #8
Mr. NonameLurker19:47:28Caption #5
Mr. NonameLurker19:47:10Caption #3
Mr. NonameLurker19:46:52Caption #10
Mr. NonameLurker19:46:32Caption #1
Mr. NonameLurker19:46:12Caption #0
Mr. NonameLurker19:45:50Caption #0
Mr. NonameLurker19:45:25Caption #1
Mr. NonameLurker19:45:01Caption #38
Mr. NonameLurker19:44:38Caption #3
Mr. NonameLurker19:44:17Caption #13
Mr. NonameLurker19:44:16Caption #1
Mr. NonameLurker19:44:15Caption #0
Mr. NonameLurker19:44:14Caption #2
Mr. NonameLurker19:44:13Caption #0
Mr. NonameLurker19:44:11Caption #12
Mr. NonameLurker19:44:09Caption #1
Mr. NonameLurker19:44:08Caption #20
Mr. NonameLurker19:43:48Caption #32
Mr. NonameLurker19:43:15Caption #9
Mr. NonameLurker19:42:37Caption #6
Mr. NonameLurker19:42:25Caption #2
Mr. NonameLurker19:42:03Caption #10

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There are 13 comments for this caption.

<Kumiho> Ah yes, we've been hit by the prepudecent crowd.
<David Byrden> Trying to remember last time I thought it was funny to say "penis"....
oh, yes, 1968.
<Mort> They forgot:


<ajiav> On any given day at least half the captions are concerned with body parts, fluids, etc.

Everybody on this site is guilty of pre-pubescent humor.

<ajiav> How many different ways can one say "penis"? And in what context?
<guyPaulo> Let's not mock the author here. After Crass Day, it would be like the penis calling the vagina an asshole.
<ElvisThePelvis> penis!!
<ajiav> *sob* oh, penis! *sob*

That is not as funny as skull-fucking.

<ajiav> It is true. I am glad we can count on you to bring up skull-fucking.

Still, a point had to be made.

<guyPaulo> I'm still trying to figure out what the hell "prepudecent" means? Is this the timeframe someone goes through before becoming a 'pud?'

(sorry Kumiho, I couldn't resist!)

<Mort> Poor guyPaulo, his pudic region never fully developed.
<Kumiho> ::tries to stifle laughter:: leave it to you guys to set me straight. As for my original comment, when ya'll are crass, it's usually very funny. This just didn't make any sense.

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