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Most Emailed Photos META DAY! - 03/10/2004 by Mort
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Ah! Good Agent Mountaineer, already in your standard issue cat suit, now you can inconspicuously infiltrate any organization.

Your mission if you choose to accept it:

Scale the dizzying heights to gain access to the secret Himalayan library fortress of the now elusive monkie
Dr. Yoyology.

Be warned, avoid at all costs the vicious attacks of his pedantic attack monks: 3Suns and Obtuse.

Once inside, find his evil Henchman Guy "Taiwanese Rat" Paulo, he is said to use a device that can constrain even his Erectile Dysfunction Explosive Diarrhoea.
Capture that device at all costs!


The challenge was to take the top 3 most emailed photos on yahoo and create a hopefully amusing story about the sequence. I reserve the right to refuse a disturbing picture, this includes any pictures of celine dion.

Please feel free to add alternative captions if you can or comments if you can't.

All rights to the photos belong to the companies in brackets beneath them. All text, concepts and layout is copyright Mort 2003-2007.


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Today is


Be prepared to be confused if you do not spend at least 18 hours a day staring at this website.

The rules are even simpler than usual:

  1. You do not talk about Meta DayYou write a caption that contains meta stuff.

Feel free to spam the front board by asking inane Most Emailed trivia questions that you think no one will be able to answer.

There are 48 messages for this day.
<Mort> Meow!! Mountaineer looks HOT!!1!

Ok I'll start with an easy one, whats the name of the evil cat who keeps on trying to take over the world?

<Axolotl> Easy, Miss Twinkles!
<Mark> In honour of meta-day, I'm ditching the old impersonal nick of MLimburg .. I think I know you well enough to be on a first name basis :)
<Lauren> OMG, Mort, I foresee a banner day today. And your caption deserves two fingers up!
<guyPaulo> Please leave my Explosive Diarrhea Pack alone Mountaineer! It's the only way I can work these days....
<Lauren> Trivia Question #2: When was the first Meta Day? Provide a link.
<3Suns> pizza cake. ...mostemailed.xidus.net...
<3Suns> Who can find the day with the most alternative captions?
<Lauren> I am pretty sure that was fairly recent... February 25th? ...mostemailed.xidus.net...

Maybe Mort can confirm this for me.

<Lauren> And on that day, in addition to the 60 alternative captions, there were 68 messages on the board. Have we had a day where there was more chatter?
<Mort> Too easy
86 messages on the board, while we all discussed mypalmike's new rash.

Which caption contained the least number of words, and who posted it?

<Lauren> Hmmm..... would it be this one:
<Mort> No more questions? How about another easy one?
What action is associated with a little garden gnome tied to a railway track?
<Kumiho> Somethign to do with yogurt.
<Kumiho> ...mostemailed.xidus.net...
<Mort> Very correct. Your turn to ask Kumiho.
<H. Monkey> /me buys obtuse a shirt: ...www.thinkgeek.com...
<Kumiho> Um... okay, who was raised by a cheetah?
<Lauren> I believe that was Mort, and it was a family of cheaters:


<Lauren> On what day did Mostemailedphotopia get its official name?
<Lauren> I'll give you a hint: It was a Thursday and the pronouncement was made by King Mort.
<3Suns> ...mostemailed.xidus.net...

That was the day I was sick and nobody would email me any soup. =(

<3Suns> Which of the current regular caption monkies has been around the longest?
<Mort> Nice question, I am very interested to know what people think.
<Lauren> Not counting some who went back and posted (guy), there is one from John Schmitt early in July, but I think he also posted this at a later date. I believe Axolotl may have been first:

Unless some of you were here under other names....

<guyPaulo> What? Ajiav and I WERE here on the first day! We swear it!
<Mort> Ajaiv is on the alt list from that day also, Roger and Mike came the next day.
<Lauren> Here's one I don't know the answer to myself: When did we all become monkies?
<Mort> 3Suns who is correct?
<3Suns> As far as I can tell, Axolotl, followed by mypalmike and Roger Mexico within a day.

Of course, nobody's been here longer than you, Mort.

<Mort> Actually the answer is JulieK, except for me of course. There are some others, but only JulieK is regular.
I am also very interested by Lauren's question.
<Kumiho> Mort- er I mean Lauren, are you asking when we started refering to ourselves as monkies?
<3Suns> My first caption was November 9, under another name. Can you guess which one it was?
<ajiav> i don't think i'm able to write meta-captions.
<Kumiho> Is the first use this one?...mostemailed.xidus.net...
<Axolotl> Hmm...I think that first caption I wrote was pretty good. Oh..and a cookie for the first one to decrypt my post today!
<Lauren> You have got to be kidding, Axolotl. Hmmm... who do I know who speaks Swedish. My friend Outi is Finnish, but I do think she is fluent in your native tongue. I'll have to try to track her down.
<Kumiho> babble fish....
<obtuse> Did anyone drop innuendo about 'the size of his sack' yet? Because I just found some here on the floor. Eww, anybody want it?
<guyPaulo> Can anyone find the first haiku caption?
<obtuse> Oh, hey. Trivia. Who was the guyPaulo doppelganger?
<3Suns> Um... were you it, obtuse?
<obtuse> Doh. That didn't seem very challenging. Then again I forget if I dropped a hint or not.
<guyPaulo> Then who was "a guyPaulo original"?

Oh wait, that was me....

<mypalmike> Babblefish doesn't do Swedish. :(
<mypalmike> ... because that would be Swedish Fish.
<Lauren> Ba-da-bing!

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