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Most Emailed Photos GUEST DAY! - 04/13/2004 by guyPaulo
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Last night I dreamed about MEP again. Stormi, Kumiho, Carol and ajiav were all there.

Yes, I know that Stormi and Kumiho are one person, and that ajaiv is a dude in real life. It was a freakin' dream people. Stop getting all "logical" on me.

Finally Lauren showed up. I was pretty excited, but sadly, the dream took a weird turn. All of a sudden, I had to model Lauren's red bikini in front of a group of killer robots, despite the fact that I, like ajiav, am a dude.

The dream was decidedly UNsexy at that point. Later, all the girls morphed into some weird polar bearephant and started spanking me on the bottom with their truck.

Alright, that part WAS pretty sexy....



The challenge was to take the top 3 most emailed photos on yahoo and create a hopefully amusing story about the sequence. I reserve the right to refuse a disturbing picture, this includes any pictures of celine dion.

Please feel free to add alternative captions if you can or comments if you can't.

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<H. Monkey> Bonus points for "bearephant".
<ajiav> I thought it was going to be a 'Rebecca' parody at first...
<3Suns> I wish I had dreams like that. kinda.
<mypalmike> Dreams can be beautiful things. They can also be ugly and disturbing.
<Kumiho> ::Laughs:: I'm glad I'm not the only one with dreams about MEP.
<Kumiho> Oh, and for the record, I'm the blond in the back right.

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