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Most Emailed Photos GUEST DAY! - 03/30/2004 by Lauren
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MEN.... whether they are rich and famous...

...or destitute and drunk...

..all they really want is a little head.


The challenge was to take the top 3 most emailed photos on yahoo and create a hopefully amusing story about the sequence. I reserve the right to refuse a disturbing picture, this includes any pictures of celine dion.

Please feel free to add alternative captions if you can or comments if you can't.

All rights to the photos belong to the companies in brackets beneath them. All text, concepts and layout is copyright Mort 2003-2007.


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Mr. NonameLurker12:02:55Caption #283
Mr. NonameLurker12:02:44Caption #10
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Mr. NonameLurker12:02:41Caption #71
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This week's John Lennon is:


The Yoko Ono groupies are: guyPaulo, Flux and Jmofwiw

There are 38 messages for this day.
<Mort> Something has come up that will mean that mostemailed will actually pay for itself, or even make money. I am not allowed to say anymore now, you might see for yourselves soon.
<Lauren> Please don't tell me you are going to start running member enlargement ads....
<Lauren> Or that AOL bought you.
<mypalmike> Member enlargement ads! That sounds GREAT!! I mean, I AM large enough already, but hey! More to squeeze, more to please!
<Pedro Gonzales> Wow- after a short absense I return to find new n improved MEP with better monkie icons! Teh New Sexy
<guyPaulo> Good luck with the venture Mort. I would like to see MEP turn into some kind of pyramid scheme, where regulars go sign up new monkies for a fee, and we all shair the money until the whole thing collapses.
<Jmofwiw> Send me $10 to find out how I make money fast.
<Axolotl> Enlarge your urodel, ask Axolotl how!!!11!!
<obtuse> OK, three captions is enough for me. I almost had another about an allergy medicine testimonial, but it didn't pan out. Feel free to run with it.
<Jmofwiw> That's like the PCs they buy in Europe, right? The Euro-Dells?
<yoyology> A rough-skinned newt, Axo?


<JulieK> Come on Mort, Peeps! I have a feeling that the money making scheme invloves a utility belt, a Frankenstein, and a really big gun.
<obtuse> I heard MacGyver made a bong out of those components once.
<Mort> No; close; no; hey Pedro; no; no; no; cargo pants, zombies, a sharp spoon and a straw.
<Lauren> You've sold out and used the money to by the implements necessary to take over the world?
<guyPaulo> I like the topics from the meeting linked above by yoyo:
"Osmoregulatory mechanisms in terrestrial isopods under hydrating and dehydrating conditions." Sounds exciting!
<Lauren> Not if you are in the thirsty group.
<jellyloo> Can I get in on the ground floor of this money making venture?
<Mort> Sure, but only if you send me a check for $237.
<Hysterical Woman> I'm always getting spam to enlargen my penis, despite my name. Also, Mike, Tina thinks your penis is big enough. It'll only hurt her if you get it enlarged. 12 inches is enough.
<jellyloo> Is this tax deductible? Shall I make the cheque out to Mort Z. Gorilla?
<Mort> Well I am registered as a "charity" for tax purposes, so it is tax deductable.

Just send it to my Costa Rica, off shore, tax haven account.

<Axolotl> Yoyo, good googling! A urodel is a member of Urodela, the amphibian order compromising salamanders, newt, olms and hellbenders.
<apple juice is a verb> Mort hasn't sold MEP, he's sold us. "The site pays for itself." Slave trade equals money.
<David Byrden> The truth is, Bush offered to pay Mort to link unrelated things. Specifically,
Saddam and 9-11.
<ajiav> lol
<Carol> "Hellbenders"! ...hellbenders.sanwalddesigns.com...
<Mort> Ok the deal has been done, you will all see.
<Mark> Fantastic. I can't wait to see the X-10 ads :)
<Kumiho> Mort won't sell us! He lo- er... likes us, like he likes his pet fungus.
<Mark> I just intercepted an email from NBC to Mort!

Winners of the GUEST OF THE DAY competition will be clapped in irons and rented to David Letterman to write "actually funny" Top Ten lists.

<Mark> Yes, I know CBS owns Letterman. Really! Just becasue I'm an Australian ..!!


<Lauren> Well, Mark, I understand that no matter what happens, Leno wants to interview YOU for his Jay-Walking segment.
<guyPaulo> I guess Mort is too busy counting his money to post the winner.
<Mort> Oops sorry, been busy at work today. :(
<guyPaulo> Congrates to Lauren. I liked her poop caption better though.
<Lauren> Thanks, Guy. Incidentally, "Lau" links to the 'little head' caption, but "ren" links to the poop one. So I guess I won for the combination.

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