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Most Emailed Photos - In Another's Voice. - 04/07/2004 by Mort
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Koko good gorilla.

Koko know many words.

Koko cousin Busho not good gorilla.

Busho know few words.

Koko mother big.

Koko mother big teats

Koko mother many milk!

Busho mother small.

Busho mother no teats

Busho mother no milk.

Busho bad gorilla bad.


The challenge was to take the top 3 most emailed photos on yahoo and create a hopefully amusing story about the sequence. I reserve the right to refuse a disturbing picture, this includes any pictures of celine dion.

Please feel free to add alternative captions if you can or comments if you can't.

All rights to the photos belong to the companies in brackets beneath them. All text, concepts and layout is copyright Mort 2003-2007.


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The theme: quite simply write the caption in another person's voice.

It would work best if it is someone recognizable.

I tried to remember the latin for "In Another's Voice", but it escaped me. Good job I took Latin for two years, that wasn't a waste of time at all...

There are 17 messages for this day.
<Lauren> vox alienus?
<Jmofwiw> vox surrogo?
<Jmofwiw> vox richus littleus?
<Lauren> Look, guy, science offers you relief from your affliction:


<Kumiho> Naw, it looks like it works for IBD, not ED. And seriously Lauren, what would guyP do without his beloved ED?
<Lauren> Kumiho, IBD is the leading cause of ED. And I was just thinking that guy might want a break every now and then. Besides, he won't be able to resist the allure of being able to tell people "nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna go eat worms."
<guyPaulo> (sniff) It's so nice to see the monkies looking out for my well being (sniff). I'm gonna cry!!!
<mypalmike> No, we're just getting sick of the stench.
<apple juice is a verb> "quite simply..." If only all life's tasks were so simple!
<Kumiho> Don't cry GuyP, it's all right. (Thank the divine I have no sense of smell.)
<3Suns> "It will be sold under the name of "TSO" (for Trichuris Suis Ova), presumably because "Drinkable Pig Whipworms" may not be a smart branding strategy."
<guyPaulo> Mmmmmmm......"drinkable pig whipworms" sounds very thirst-quenching.....
<Kumiho> ::vain attempt at smothered laughter:: Can you see the ads for this product? "TSO, for all that ails you!" being endorsed by a giant whipworm.
<Kumiho> Or, or guyP can endorse it, and we all can do testimonials for the ad campaign!
<Kumiho> MORT!!! We need a TSO Advert Day!
<Kumiho> ...Or is that juast too easy?
<Mort> It depends on the images. I was going to do CRASS DAY today, but the images weren't set up right.

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