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Most Emailed Photos GUEST DAY! - 02/10/2004 by guyPaulo
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Shit, I really want to win today, but yoyo's last caption was the shizzle my nizzles. Maybe if I apeal to Mort's Indo-Iranian-Mesopotamian-Babylonian heritage I can still win!


ﻅﻏﺻﺥﺱﺌﺊ ﻅﻏﺻﺥﺱﺌﺊﺚﺪﺨﮕﭏﷲﭼﭻשּשּׂאַﺶﻱﻹﺚﺪﺨﮕﭏﷲ ﭼﭻשּשּׂאַﺶﻱﻹ!!!!

HAHAH! Get it? ﻅﻱﻹﻏﻅﻏﻱﻹ!!



The challenge was to take the top 3 most emailed photos on yahoo and create a hopefully amusing story about the sequence. I reserve the right to refuse a disturbing picture, this includes any pictures of celine dion.

Please feel free to add alternative captions if you can or comments if you can't.

All rights to the photos belong to the companies in brackets beneath them. All text, concepts and layout is copyright Mort 2003-2007.


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This week's proud Chihuahua is


The shiny little neuticles are: yoyology, 3Suns and infosponge.

There are 68 messages for this day.
<Mort> Ah! I love Wednesdays, no captions to link, no "rants" to rant.
Consider yourselves lucky.
<David Byrden> I thought "Wednesday is Guest Day..." was a caption.

In fact it was a damn funny one.

<mypalmike> It's not even midnight PST and there's 10 alt captions!
<David Byrden> Does your captioning interfere with your social life or job?

Do you caption alone?

Do you think compulsively of captions whenever you see 3 things in a row?

<Axolotl> 1. Yes. I'm posting from work right now.

2. Sniff. Yes. Always. I have even tried to drag friends down with me.

3. Sometimes I even think out captions for pictures that only exist in my head.

My name is Axolotl, and I'm a caption monkey.

<Pedro Gonzales> Sharing helps- you're with friends now.
My name's Pedro and I'm a caption Monkey. I have been captioning for as long as I can remember. I can't go without captioning- I even hide pre-prepared trios around the house; in the toilet cystern, under my pillow. When I am called upon to assess anything, when buying food for example- I always rate it in terms of "chuckletastic", "teh new sexy"... to decide if I should buy it...
<Lauren> It's horrible. I find myself captioning everywhere. Once, I even tried to drown my sorrow in booze, but there were three tenders behind the bar and, well, I guess you all know what that led to.... I stare into the mirror and caption my right eye, nose, left eye or right arm, torso, left arm... I'm sure you all get the picture. Even when I force myself not to write captions for a day or two, I find myself peeking enviously at the captioning of others. What can I say. My name is Lauren and I am a caption monkie. Everything in my life has been applejuiced.
<guyPaulo> You guys are losers. I'm not a caption junkie! I could stop captioning today if I wanted to. I often drive BETTER if I've just written a good captions, and I only hide this site from my family/friends/boss because they would just nag me to death about it.
<obtuse> My creative juices are stagnant these last weeks. I surrender the idea of a Smoove B theme to any takers.
<guyPaulo> Check out this cute, yet tragic story and pic from yahoo.
<3Suns> Once, I was in a bar and met three lovely ladies. I said "Yes" to the first one (a total babe), "No" to the second one (a total skank), and "Maybe so" to the third one, who was obviously using fake ID. The first two were revolted, and the third said I should get help for my captioning habit. So here I am...
<guyPaulo> All regulr monkies need to come join the Most Emailed Community over at orkut.com
<Mort> I'm thinking about it.
<Jmofwiw> How can we explain those that are addicted to captioning?
Let me start by saying there are three kinds of people in the world...
<yoyology> Wanna hear a funny story? I set up a community on orkut called "Karls with a K". It's moderated, and I'm only letting people join whose first name is Karl with a K. Silly and pointless. So, I start searching in orkut for folks named Karl, and sending them all a brief message inviting them to join the group.

After I had gotten about 7/8 of the way through the list, I came up with a message that I've been blocked. It seems that the orkut engine looks for duplicate messages and automatically "jails" the sender as a spammer until somebody can sort it all out. So, until further notice, I can't send messages or post on orkut. Fun.
<yoyology> I think I need to stop reading all the captions before posting on Guest Days. I get overloaded and start thinking that all the good idears are taken.
<ajiav> you are hilarious. starting a forum called "Karls with a K" is one of the most librarian things I've ever heard of someone doing.
<Lauren> orkut says I can't join because no one wants me there....
<David Byrden> What the heck?!?!? Think about it! You ARE a spammer!!!
<guyPaulo> Lauren, I think you have to be emailed an invitation, but let me check around before you put your email up here for all spammers to see.
<guyPaulo> Hhhm, I figured it out. You can send me an email at guyPauloATyahooDOTCOM and I'll email out the invitation. That goes for anyone regular or new monkie here.
<Mort> I am changing the code, there is a slight bug that bounces you to Elvis's caption after you post a caption right now.
Your captions are still saving, I'm fixing it right now.
<mypalmike> I think being a caption monkie automatically makes you elible for membership in this:
<Lauren> Thanks, mike. I just joined. See you there.
<mypalmike> Eligible.
<yoyology> I am now out of Orkut County Jail, so I can also add anyone who is interested to the orkut community. You can send requests to orko@yoyology.com
<surfer girl> I can see how this would be highly addictive. It is a good thing I do not have an addictive personality...
<Sk8er Boi> Surfer girl dude! Whats up with these people and their words? They should be all out grinding or hanging.
<yoyology> Oh, and "Karls with a K" has 20 members already. "Mostemailed" has only 5. Come on in, people!
<surfer girl> Fer sure, Sk8er Boi. FER SURE!
<Sk8er Boi> RUHot fer sure surfer girl? You want maybe to hang sometime?
<Mort> Ok I have giving you some more functionality. It's on the left above users.
I am going to lunch, let me know what you think.
<yoyology> That's cool!
<3Suns> That rocks Mort! This site gets better every day.
<3Suns> If you're looking for another feature to add (not that this is critical or anything), a calendar archive would be kinda cool.

And if you get REALLY ambitions, a text search. But that would be quite difficult.

<guyPaulo> Mort, after you finish your sandwich, yoyo and I would like you to built a search feature for your site. Could you have that ready by tomorrow? And no linking a google search tool, you lazy bastard. We want a fully functioning, hand-coded search utility.
<yoyology> I'm not sure that Google would work in any case. I've tried using the site:mostemailed.com syntax and gotten very poor results. Mostemailed appears to be part of the Invisible Web.
<Mort> Google grabs the front page but does not know how to grab the alternative captions.

In the future maybe, you will be able to click on a name and see every caption that person has written. I have also been meaning to do a calendar archive for a while.

<mountaineer> How about a way to caption remotely using pieced together walkie-talkies or cups connected by string?

over and out.

<Handler> If you send a message through our Budapest friend, I am sure he will relay it through me to post on here.

How is the mission in Mongolia going?

<ajiav> Yes, and I think that if a convicted felon demonstrates that he is truly rehabilitated he should be allowed to caption again. Captioning affects them, too.
<guyPaulo> I still want to see the clicker which displays the total number of captions, total comments, and number of comments just for the active day. Also, a log of each monkie with the number of captions and comments they've posted would be cool. This could just be 2 numbers in parenthesis beside the names in the log.
<ajiav> I want a most emailed colorform playset. With colorform representations of all of you. For my future children. And my beer refrigerator.
<infosponge> holy caption monkeys, batman...43 captions?
<David Byrden> Please! Isn't it obvious what this site needs? An automatic funny-meter that displays how funny the posts are. Simple!
<ElvisThePelvis> I like the stalker applet on the left side. No more feature. Lean and clean is my motto. Plus, I was drunk on some of the caption days and don't want to be confronted by my own illnesses...
<mypalmike> ajiav's picture on orkut makes it look like he's sitting on the toilet.
<guyPaulo> I like 3Sun's purple hat.
<ajiav> let's pretend that I am.
<Carol> I tried to comment on 31, but it kicked me out! (twice) Sorry, guyPaulo. Or are you the one that kicked me out?
<guyPaulo> Just post your comment here!
<yoyology> Post No Bills (under $100)
<David Byrden> HELLO? I'm reading the "5 things that happened recently" and there is NO mention of my diarrhea.
<Carol> Hee hee. Oh, and guyPaulo r0x0rz, but we all knew that.
<Mort> Hmm I guess I best pick a winner.
<yoyology> Some guy's phone just rang here in the library, and his polyphonic ringtone is the Theme from Knight Rider.

I can't decide if that's cool or just sad.
<3Suns> Maybe he just thinks it sounds cool. What's sad is that you recognized it. Did you "hush" him like a good librarian?
<guyPaulo> Mort, I just gave you a 3-Cool rating on orkut in a last ditch effort to win today.
<ElvisThePelvis> I use Iron Man on my phone unless my wife calls, then it plays The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down....that's all folks.
<Mort> I actually have Knight Rider on my phone, I have it set for when my motoraholic brother-in-law phones. Otherwise it's The Simpsons.
<yoyology> My standard ringtone is vibrate. Can't set a bad example by having my phone ring out loud in the library.

When I'm out and about, the tone is "Particle Man" by They Might Be Giants. I had to transcribe it and enter it into the phone myself. My Motorola v66 isn't polyphonic, so it's a little hard to recognize (technical music note: the song uses triplets, and the phone doesn't comprehend anything between 1/4 and 1/8, so it's pretty jerky).

For text messages, I'm alerted by the first 6 notes of "Stairway to Heaven" played twice.
<guyPaulo> ALright! I only started writing the caption as a nod to yoyo's superb caption.
<ElvisThePelvis> !!ﮕﭏﷲﭼﭻשּשּׂ??


<yoyology> How does guy do it? Volume! Volume! Volume!
<guyPaulo> One thousand monkies typing for one thousand years will eventually write Shakespear. Its a similiar principle here.
<ElvisThePelvis> I already write porn stories...isn't that enough!!!?!?!?
<server> doods this is the best

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