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Most Emailed Photos GUEST DAY! - 01/20/2004 by This could be your name
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Wednesday is Guest Day.

A competition to see who can write the best caption for these photographs.

The winning alternative will become the caption for Jan 21st 2004.

You have until 2pm PST Wednesday to enter as many captions are you like.

At 5pm PST the winner will be revealed.

Voting will affect the results, comments will definitely help decide the winner.

So alternatiphize, vote and leave comments.



The challenge was to take the top 3 most emailed photos on yahoo and create a hopefully amusing story about the sequence. I reserve the right to refuse a disturbing picture, this includes any pictures of celine dion.

Please feel free to add alternative captions if you can or comments if you can't.

All rights to the photos belong to the companies in brackets beneath them. All text, concepts and layout is copyright Mort 2003-2007.


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Wednesday will now always be guest day, it is up to you to decide who will win the day.

A couple of pointers:

  • There must be a common theme/story for all three captions that also matches the images.
  • It must be amusing in some respect, try and aim for a good punchline in the last caption.
  • Very long captions that break the layout will not win.

Please comment/vote on every caption otherwise I will be forced to do the choosing.

Good Luck Caption Monkies! - Mort

There are 52 messages for this day.
<mypalmike> Although they haven't posted yet, I have this feeling guyPaulo and Elvis are going to be prolific today.
<mypalmike> By the way, Google's translation of the third picture: "Confusion with the Muff. Ikea comes."
<mypalmike> Sorry, that didn't make sense. Of course, the actual translation is "Conclusion with the Muff. Ikea comes." Sorry about the typo.
<Lauren> I like 'confusion' better, mike.

<guyPaulo> Guys, its only 8:13 Central time and there's already about 7-8 captions that are all worthy of the crown today. The monkies are truely evolving into talented caption writers!
<Lauren> So where's yours, guy?
<guyPaulo> I just posted a rather vile one, thanks for asking....
<yoyology> I vote no repeat photos on guest days. It makes it so much harder when all the monkey in the hot tub jokes have been taken the day before.
Not that this is a democracy, or anything.
<guyPaulo> Yeah, this is a Mortocracy.
<Lauren> There you two go, blaming Mort for all of your shortcomings. The Japanese monkies in the hot springs is a great picture for our purposes. As a matter of fact, I think it should be one of the three forevermore. Yeah, that's the ticket!
<guyPaulo> Much like a god, Mort is praised for the bountiful harvests of good captions, and cursed for the slow days.
<infosponge> I was hoping to see that other Brazillian beach babe move up into one of The Selected Three today. She's got it goin' on...
<Pedro Gonzales> Hallelujah- We are living in times of plenty! Just go back to the first caption set and you will be reminded of the age of unlevened bread, wilderness and plague.
<Pedro Gonzales> ..And nakedness
<Pedro Gonzales> Der- I meant the 3rd caption set
<guyPaulo> Wow. Check out Elvis's third caption.
<ElvisThePelvis> Man, I threw out three quick captions and had to dash to do some work. Everyone's captions are freakin' hilarious today. I'll be back to comment later...someone please write some more porn stories about the captions...hehehe
<guyPaulo> There needs to be an award for the caption with the most comments. That way, talentless monkies like myself could just go for maximum shock value instead of originality and wit.
<Axolotl> Looks like Yoyo lost his voice and is resorting to sign language today!
<yoyology> I still say we need a separate voting system for Guest Days.
I'm just full of ideas today. At least, I'm full of something...
<Lauren> Could it be the 'vomit' from guyPaulo's first caption set?
<yoyology> Ewwww.
<guyPaulo> Did anyone else catch "Queer Eye" last night? Yoyo and I watched it together, and it was (lisp)FABULOUS!(lisp)
<yoyology> Unfortunately, I've never watched Queer Eye. I don't have cable, so I never saw it on Bravo, and I've not yet figured out exactly when it's on network TV. It's too bad. I'd really like to see it.
<guyPaulo> Maybe honorable mentions should go out to the WORST caption of the day....that would be fun.
<Lauren> Where's Roger today? Isn't he usually here by now?
<Lauren> Yoyo, I've never seen Queer Eye either... but there have been so many media references to it (especially in commercials), that I feel like I saw it.
<yoyology> I think I'd love the show. Whenever we stay with friends who have cable, I spend all my time watching Trading Spaces and What Not to Wear.
<yoyology> Okay, the question today is not, "Who will win?" but, "Which of Elvis' captions will win?"

Unless, of course, I come in as the dark horse and steal the show.
<Mort> I haven't read the captions yet, but I have a feeling it's going to be a hard choice.
Having no repeat on guest day images is a good idea. I am not so strict on guest day as I am on normal days, since you guys have such a hard time linking images.
<JulieK> Secret motives!!!
<AppleJuiceIsAVerb> I accidentally posted twice, sorry!
<3Suns> You know you're a geek when you can't pronounce gnome without saying guh-nome.
<Mort> Jeeze way to make it hard to choose. 42 damn captions today all of them great!
<yoyology> Hey, instead of hanging out here hitting "Refresh" every ten seconds, why not go play Hamlet?
<Mort> I am adding some functionality, things might get slightly unstable as I move from test to live.
<No one in particular.> I am begining to see a theme. The 6 or 7 regulars like to kiss up to each other, and everyone else is made to feel to go away. Mort, looks like you site will never grow with this mentality. I am outa here for good.
<ElvisThePelvis> I thought we were being supportive :(
<mypalmike> NOIP... You've had some really good ones! Other people get thumbs down. I mean just look at half of the dozen or so captions Elvis did today.
<David Byrden> How about some software to analyzes the cross references between group members? It could spot cliques and calculate metrics, predict whether a group is growing or dying, etc.
<mypalmike> for( personIter = clique.start(); personIter != clique.end(); personIter++ )
if( !strcmp( (*personIter).name, "NOIP" ) )
clique.remove( personIter );
<Mort> I can see your point NOIP. There was a very condescending note to some of the critique. I think some of your captions are great, better than my turgid try on some days.
There is no reason to get defensive about what people say. If the critique is valid and constructive then use it, if not then just say "fuck it" and ignore it.
I wouldn't care all that much if you all told me my caption sucked everday... well I'd cry in the bathroom for a while and then caption again.
<Mort> delete from captions c where c.posted_by = 'mypalmike'
<guyPaulo> NOIP seems to be in a bad mood today. His caption wasn't good today, but we tried to give some constructive critisism. His caption from Friday with the MJ nose joke was killer, so we know he can do better. I hate it that he feels hurt though.
<JulieK> Hurray!
<guyPaulo> At least Mort used the word "yogurt" in the top here, giving me some small sense of satisfaction.
<JulieK> Hurrah!
<ElvisThePelvis> Hey! I won. I go out drinking and come home to this...now I can puke and go to bed happy! This is my second...I feel special and shiny.
<Ginger> Awesome caption!!! Congratulations!!
<David Byrden> Well, I shall keep trying. I put some of my best work into these caption contests.

No, seriously, I do. My boss is threatening to fire me for reduced performance.

<Mort> You keep on just missing David. You have won a few times though.
<angelmoomoo> Hey want to cyber? Email me @ angelag@adelphia.net

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