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Most Emailed Photos GUEST DAY! - 03/22/2005 by mypalmike
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Dodge the bat...

Get the ball...

Violate the doll...

Are these:
a) The three events in the Redneck Triathlon?
b) Hazing rituals of the Iota Hava Beeya fraternity?
c) What Mort did yesterday?


The challenge was to take the top 3 most emailed photos on yahoo and create a hopefully amusing story about the sequence. I reserve the right to refuse a disturbing picture, this includes any pictures of celine dion.

Please feel free to add alternative captions if you can or comments if you can't.

All rights to the photos belong to the companies in brackets beneath them. All text, concepts and layout is copyright Mort 2003-2007.


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Who managed to insult me quite successfully.

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<Lauren> Hi Caption Monkies and Gorilla Mort. Please let me know how you are all doing...
<mypalmike> The inflatable doll story is pretty funny... "A parcel which vibrated and made strange noises caused panic in a post office in eastern Germany before it was revealed that it was an inflatable erotic doll(AFP/File/Lluis Gene)"

Hi Lauren!

<Lauren> Mike, I too read the story this morning and my thought on it was that most of the men there, having heard and felt the "strange noises" and vibrations knew EXACTLY what was in that package, but were too embarassed to admit it. As a matter of fact, they probably called in the authorities in an attempt to convince coworkers that they had never encountered such a thing.
<Kumiho> ::snicker:: I recall an incident with a vibrator going off in LAX causing the entire terminal to be evacuated.
Lauren, these days I'm home caring for my Dad in the mornings (he's undergoing Chemo for a brain tumor) and working at the local fabric store in the evenings. Starting next week I get to add an exciting Math course to it twice a week.
<Carol> Inflatable dolls aren't the only troublemakers:
(Kumiho, best wishes for your dad!)
<Kumiho> Thanks Carol.
<Mort> I'm still here. That is as much as I can vouch for. I hope your dad gets better Kumiho, do you live close to LAX or was that a national news story I missed?

Lauren: how goes the decorating?

<Axolotl> Lauren, good of you to ask. Im not captioning everyday like I used to because too much brain bandwidth is going towards my work. Im supposed to be done with my thesis this year and insects are munching on my brain.

Mort, we miss your rants!

<Lauren> Kumi -- Sorry to hear about your dad -- hope everything goes well for him.

Carol-- Thanks for the Elmo story... I needed that!

Axototl -- I think we should all get copies of your thesis when it's done. I feel as if it is imperative that we learn more about what's bugging you.

Mort -- So far I have renovated three rooms and have cleaned out two more. Four more to go and I can finally rest. One of these days I am going to have time to sit and chat. I'll be looking for you then.

Note to all: I developed some rare sort of cataracts (NOT the kind old people get) that probably were caused by the use of anti-inflammatory steroids after a car accident 25 years ago. I just had left eye surgery a couple of weeks ago and will have surgery on the right one in two more weeks. Then, in June, I get to have another operation on my left eye. Joy. The upside is that if this happened 20 years ago, I'd be spending my days learning braille. As it is, I am just losing my near vision and my distance vision should improve.

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