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Most Emailed Photos - Pseudonyme Day - 02/25/2004 by Mort
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Wolverine scampered away, his adamantine claws and skeleton no match for the...

DOGS of DOOM, the four dogs of the apocalypse.

Only two heroes could now stop the impending doom.

"Piglet you are the clever one. Think!"

"I don't know Pooh! What to do?"


The challenge was to take the top 3 most emailed photos on yahoo and create a hopefully amusing story about the sequence. I reserve the right to refuse a disturbing picture, this includes any pictures of celine dion.

Please feel free to add alternative captions if you can or comments if you can't.

All rights to the photos belong to the companies in brackets beneath them. All text, concepts and layout is copyright Mort 2003-2007.


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A competition of sorts, a contest, an event - a theme, everything but a meme.

The rules? Quite simple, you add captions as normal, but under a different name. The name of your first pet, and the street on which you first lived perhaps. Maybe the label of your underpants will give you inspiration, just please wait until you are safe in the corporate bathroom before you go checking.

Once you have written a caption with your new pen name, then everyone gets the chance to guess who really wrote the caption in the comments.

The person who gets the most correct ist teh winner!!11! I will announce the winner at 3pm PST, and ridicule the losers.

I was in whole foods yesterday, shopping for food for my Sister's visit, when I came across this little sign in the cheese section:

It made me think of Mountaineer, who is stuck in Mongolia, forced to eat and drink all things Yak. We haven't heard much from her recently, I wonder if she has been caught, or tortured (although Yak cheese is pretty much torture). I hope she can send us a message somehow. If I receive one, I will post it up for all to see.

There are 68 messages for this day.
<David Byrden> Yawn...... ahh, this is the best part of the day...before I've screwed anything up.
<Axolotl> I am digging through old entomological literature. This is authentic text from the description of the dragonfly Agrion holdereri Förster. [translated from German] "Unfortunately, this was the only dragonfly from Nanchang, The remainder were ruined when the Yak slipped in a moutain stream, soaking the material."
<mypalmike> Interesting theme, Mort. I have a feeling it's going to be tough to guess anyone. Of course, it helps if everyone (ahem) reads the front page before posting!
<Mort> Well if they miss the instructions then they will be easy to guess.
I disabled the history thingy, to make it harder...
Oh and I need to give credit to the wonder ful JulieK for the "Dogs of Doom".
<Pedro Gonzales> Errm... I would like to say that my first dog was called Pedro and I used to live on Gonzales avenue, but, yes Mort, I didn't read the front page before posting! D'oh
<Willy Seaman> So Pedro Gonzales is your porn name?
<Stormi> Erg... I didn't read this first. ::sigh:: guess that means I'm getting ridiclued.
<ElvisThePelvis> Just a little Stormi.
<Iceman> Hey Carol, you still interested in Stormi's writing? They can be found at ...www.darknessrising.com...
<Stormi> Alex, that's not funny nor nice. I'm going to kick your butt Saturday.
<Iceman> So you WILL be at the NOVA meeting?
<Stomi> If only to have the pleasure of inflicting pain upon you, yes.
<guyPaulo> I think as the day goes on, we'll learn a lot by reading the comments made when the monkies forget to change from their alter-ego to their reg name.
<yoyology> It would be nice to be able to "clear the palate" after posting captions, so we wouldn't run into that trouble.
<Carol> Mort, will you know who's really who from IP address or what? Cause you know I post both from home, and from here at work where I'm not supposed to.
<Carol> Stormi, I won't look if you don't want me to. *fidgets with curiosity*
<Stormi> I can't stop you. I just wish I hadn't shown Alex this page is all.
<heeegusu> Alternatives:
<yoyology> All joking aside, I've determined that my personal web usage at work is starting to become destructive. Therefore, I will no longer be posting on MEP during my working hours. This means, generally, 8-5 CST on weekdays (Thursdays I work starting at noon, hence this post).

I will miss having MEP up all the time and participating in discussions, but I think it's for the best. I hope you all understand. Thanks for some good times.
<Carol> That's why sometimes I do a caption early, but no comments til much later - if a caption idea springs upon me, it takes hardly any time. I think I will try to stick to that from now on.
<ElvisThePelvis> Our first recovering addict...
<Mort> I recently quit an online community I loved. It was eating all my free time. I don't care about my paid time...
<mypalmike> Clearly that wasn't the REAL yoyology.
<ajiav> how sad!
<JulieK> This is wicked confusing since everyone makes like 10 captions a day so they could be putting a new name each time!
<JulieK> Thanks mort I don't really like dogs!
<ajiav> i've been changing names each time.
<Mort> Yes it is very hard to work out, but I think I would win, if I wasn't cheating so hard!
<mountaineer> Cheater cheater. Pumpkin eater. Who stole my...yak cheese?
<Mort> I guess you are safe after all mountaineer. What does yak cheese taste of?
<mountaineer> Yak. Damp yak at best. Safety is relevant.
<Mort> The mention of Damp Yak is a signal that you only have 1 hour remaining. Quickly scramble guesses for each caption, or there will be no winners today.
<ajiav> if anyone wants to write a rhyme at the last minute here, this may help:
<JulieK> Man I go and vote based on the captions and then I look at the name and I think "no way, that is retarded. Julie you are retarded a little."
<Stormi> So... Mort, are you going to tell us who people really are, or do you want us to 'fess up to what we wrote?
<Mort> Julie you are a bajillion miles from being retarded.

Stormi, you can fess up to it yourself.

<Stormi> I will. I was just curious about a couple of other folks.
<ajiav> i have to go home, so i will see who won tomorrow. i thought this was kind of neat, though i really didn't have a clue as to who anyone was.
<Mort> I have the list from 0-54, let me work out if anyone got anything correct.
<Stormi> Well, I am Stormi, Kumiho and Bailadora.
<3Suns> I was Steve Irwin, Mister Ex, and No One In Particular.
<Jmofwiw> I am Goober.
<Mort> We have a winner, actually joint winners.

1. Lauren, mypalmike - 7
3. 3Suns, guyPaulo - 5
5. yoyology - 4
6. ElvisThePelvis - 3
7. Infosponge, JulieK, AJIAV - 1

Jmofwiw wins for most wrongly guessed captioner, followed by AJIAV.

I think that was a fun little contest, maybe in a month I will do it again. Perhaps in the time between you should all examine each others' style.

<Carol> What's with the monkey icons today? Or is it just this Evil Empire browser I'm using?
<Stormi> Monkeys? Where?
<infosponge> I don't know what was more fun, reading/guessing the captions, or the funky names everyone came up with. I was sorry that I was busy today & only had time to do one caption.
<Stormi> You guys keep me sane. Thanks!
<Stormi> You guys keep me sane. Thanks!
<Stormi> You guys keep me sane. Thanks!
<obtuse> For those that care, I'm heeegusu. Not a single correct guess, but very few guesses in total.
<JulieK> I GOT 1?! How did I get one? I thought 0. I am Snowflake btw.
I wonder which one I got.
<mypalmike> I only tied for first place by brute force guessing.
<guyPaulo> I was Giacomo Crawdaddy (big shocker) and ???
<guyPaulo> Oh, and NOIP (the funnier one, that is)
<mypalmike> So, I'm guessing Goober == jmofwiw?
<Carol> Never mind my previous note, just a glitch.
<Pitch Black> I was Pitch Black for the day .. back to one of my old nick's from my BBS and ANSi art days
<MLimburg> Let's try that again (sigh) .. I was Pitch Black
<yoyology> I was Arglebargle Qetzlcoatl. Shamelessly stolen from a college buddy.
<Stormi> Random Question, but is Roger Mexico always so hard on everyone?
<guyPaulo> Yeah, Roger is the consumate critic.
<Carol> Stormi, think of it as Roger's special way of saying, "I acknowledge your existence."
<Biggus Dickus> Jeez, who peed in *his* Wheaties?
<Axolotl> I was Bandersnatch. Tried to fill most post with stuff i tend put in my captions: zoology, jabberwocky and the double dactyl. And I was dissed by Roger too!

Strangely, I was accused of being Yoyo...

<Carol> Axolotl, if you're still reading here, that double dactyl was syllable-perfect. I couldn't remember it was you that got us started on those.

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